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We're delighted to see that you'd like to help out - our event would not operate without our volunteers. You should start by subscribing to the newsletter here to keep yourself up to date with news about the event.

There are many roles that we will need help with on event day and there are also roles that can be filled during the lead up - some require specialist skills while others simply require a desire to help out!

New to Events?

If you would like to pick up skills in events management (including any of the specialist areas), then get in touch with us - we can help educate you while you work with us.

Specialist Roles (skilled & available now)

  • Risk Management & Analysis
  • Traffic Management
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Graphic Artists & Web Design
  • Logistics & Operations

Event Day Roles (non skilled)

  • Pit Stop Operators
  • Marshals (on trail and at road crossings)
  • Setup and Bump Out crews (help create and dismantle Pit Stops)
  • General Hands (esp. food & beverage preparation)
  • Sound (setup and operators)
  • Markers (you go onto the trail and lay down markers for people to follow on the day)
  • Trail Cleaners (you are the last set of walkers on the trail and you pickup any rubbish left behind)
  • Logistics (for those good with stringing things up or fixing things)
  • Letter Box Droppers

Other Roles

  • Public Speakers - if you are passionate about the cause that Go the Extra Mile addresses and you are good at speaking to crowds both small and large then we can use you now!

Send us an email here to let us know about how you would like to help out.