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Fundraising Tips

We encourage you to raise a minimum of $200. However, the average amount raised by single participants at some events across the country is over $300, so we challenge all of our participants to meet or beat that average!

Did you know the reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren't asked?

Try one of the following approaches and see what happens!

  1. You can make up a flyer and send it to all your friends, family and colleagues asking for donations (check out the resources that are available to assist you).
  2. Sell chocolates ( - this is nice and easy and you will be surprised how many you can sell.
  3. Ask permission to hold a sausage sizzle at your church, school or club.
  4. Put on a morning tea on in your workplace charging each person per head - try a pancake morning (grab some Pancake Parlour mix, a sandwich maker, some toppings and you're away - charge $7-10 a head).
  5. Organise a group of friends to see a movie and fundraise through charging a premium on the tickets! Choose a good movie that everyone will enjoy (
  6. Hold a dinner for friends and family and charge per head – this is a great opportunity to get together (get your kids involved as the waiters and waitresses - encourage tipping and explain to the kids that tips go to charity too).
  7. Put a Trivia night on – one of the most popular fundraising events. Have lots of fun with your friends with this favourite fundraiser. Get some great prizes donated and hold an auction and a raffle on the night to help raise more money. Make up your own trivia questions – have some fun!
  8. Guessing competition – fill a jar with lollies and sit it in your work place and allow people to guess the amount of lollies in the jar for a gold coin.
  9. Hold a garage sale with all funds going towards the walk.
  10. Host a movie night - grab a good DVD, invite a bunch of folks over - supply a great supper and charge each person $10 as an entry fee.
  11. Biscuit run – make biscuits and sell them in bundles of 10, make it a family day and then drop them off.
  12. Bake cakes and sell them to family and friends – you will be surprised how many will buy your products when they know what the money is going towards and that you are walking 50km for the cause.
  13. Make your own Cook Books and fill it with your family secret recipes and then sell them.
  14. Pass on the link to the on-line donation page to as many friends, family and colleagues as possible and ask them to support you. Online donations make it very easy for sponsors to donate to you and your team and can be done in less than 3 minutes!
  15. Be ambitious - establish a fundraising goal and then double it! When you reach your goal you will realise how easy it can be, so don’t stop there, set a new target…the sky is the limit.
  16. Remind your supporters where their dollars are going. Explain the cause clearly and help folks understand how their money will contribute to making a difference.
  17. Donations are tax-deductible so remind sponsors that all donations $2 and over are tax deductible and that they will receive a receipt for tax time.
  18. Be bold and ask everyone you know to support you.
  19. Be the first to donate to yourself - this will show your potential sponsors that you are serious about what you are doing and that you feel strongly enough to make the first gift yourself. Make sure you give yourself a big donation too – others are more likely to match the amounts already offered.
  20. Ask people face to face, it’s the best way to raise money!
  21. Get the sponsorship money up-front from folks. Up front donations makes things a lot easier for you, and that way you can keep a real-life tally of the dollars you are raising and see if your target has been reached.
  22. Ask your company to sponsor your team as a tax deductible contribution. One popular and easy option is to ask your company to match every dollar your team raises.
  23. Turn Friday night or social club functions into a fundraising activity, or get permission from your work place for a casual day with a small fee attached.
  24. Sell Estring bags – this is a great fundraiser and helps our environment too. Say No to plastic and yes to Estring check out the website
  25. Look at this great website:
  26. Start early and have fun with your fundraising efforts. Don’t forget to send thank you cards to those that donated and supported you through the walk.