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The Cause

An estimated 2.7 million disadvantaged children live in the nation of Uganda - their parents are gone. HIV/Aids is responsible for orphaning around 1.2 million* children, sweeping away a generation of parents (conservative figures suggest that around 1.3 million* people are currently infected with the disease and those infected include children).

An average Ugandan family includes seven children - when the parents die, the children will have to fend for themselves. Some will be farmed out to different family members, which often separates the siblings.

The already burdened families often cannot cope with the added strain of caring for more mouths to feed. In some cases, the orphaned children are treated badly, in many instances they will become outcasts. Many will try to survive on the dangerous streets and risk suffering physical and sexual abuse from predators.

Together, the effects of poverty, disease, sickness, a 20 year old civil war (now over) and the ravages of Joseph Kony's LRA (Lord Resistance Army) have served to create a misery for the disadvantaged children of Uganda.

Welcome to the "Village of Hope"

Imagine a village of homes - an environment that is secure, safe and filled with genuine love, laughter and hope - hope for a future that is bright and full of possibilities.

HopeBuilders International (HBI) owns and operates the Uganda Village of Hope - a village established to provide protection for disadvantaged children where they can be raised, nurtured, educated and loved.


There's something about hope - it can change a life, lift your spirits, make the impossible seem possible - and it can even carry you through a 50km trail all day long.

The Village of Hope is operated and staffed by paid workforce - including 'mummas', farmers, administration staff and security - and money is used to provide for their wages. Money is also used to build homes, community and administrative buildings within the village along with all infrastructure needs (paths, roads, plumbing, tanks, etc).

All the needs of the children are provided including food, clothing, bedding, transport, education, medical and dental. In short, everything that is required to care for the children is provided. Medical emergencies are also funded when required.

Employed security staff also keep a watchful eye over the village ensuring the safety of all the children in care.