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Jeanette & David Spencer (mother & son participants in 2018 event)

Go The Extra Mile 2018 is now history - we're into the final days of fundraising and prizes to our highest earners will be awarded after 15 June. Our event was a tremendous success, with around 175 registered walkers/runners starting at Lysterfield Park at 7am on Saturday 26th May.

The morning was a chilly 4c with fog rolling around the Start staging site, the coffee was brewing and enthusiasm and energy levels were high. This was the second attempt to put on the event after the disastrous weather conditions comprising extreme high winds and drenching rains that halted the event on 14th April. On that occasion the event was rolled out, then rolled back up and put into storage for a month - then to be rolled out again on 26th May. A huge effort from all of the GtEM team!

Thanks to everyone who helped, and to our walkers who showed patience and understanding, and remained in training mode to then show up for round 2!

The Backgrounder

As 7am approached the walking group were addressed by HopeBuilders International director, Johann Poppenbeck who explained why we were all walking - it was because of the children in Uganda. It was also revealed that the children back in Uganda had hosted an all-night prayer vigil for the event today. Wow! Every dollar raised on this walk would go towards building hope for these wonderful children and releasing them from poverty and disadvantage to dream again.

After a slight delay of 5mins (waiting for some latecomers), a prayer and the mandatory countdown, all walkers headed out onto this brand new course to begin their day of testing. It was a cheerful atmosphere and over the next 10 or so hours we would all feel what it's like to really 'go the extra mile'!

With the START, PITSTOPS and FINISH all at the same location for this event, the FINISH line was ready to greet the first participant to come across in a record setting time of 4hrs, 48mins (time adjusted by 5mins after the late Start) – Congratulations David Spencer. David has won every event since 2014 when he first competed with GtEM. He was followed by Greg Newport (5hrs, 27m) and then Justine Tuffley in 3rd spot (5hrs, 51m).

The rest of this running/walking group who finished the 50kms kept coming across the Finish Line until our last participant Jeanette Spencer, who crossed at 8:28pm (a very creditable 13hrs, 28m). Congratulations to David Spencer's mother, Jeanette!

We want to *thank* our amazing team of volunteers who took care of our walkers, pointed the way along the track, delivered first-aid, assisted at crossovers, performed welcome massages, put up markers, put up glow sticks, took them all down again and helped setup and pack up – this event would not have happened without you – THANK YOU!

We hope to raise over $100,000 and so far fundraising has been great. These funds make a significant difference to the lives of the children that we have placed in our care.  Even though the walk is finished for this year, we will continue to "Go The Extra Mile" to do what we can to change the world of as many children as we can who are living far below the poverty line.

HopeBuilders would be grateful for your continued support of any of the projects on an ongoing basis and we invite you to consider joining us on a trip to visit the work that is being in Uganda. We have teams that visit regularly throughout the year.  For more information please contact us via email at or check out


We will have all the photos available for you to access on our website ASAP.

Let's Do it Again in 2019

We look forward to seeing you all again next year (proposed date 4th May 2019). We thank you ALL once again for your continued support of Go The Extra Mile. We hope you will tell others about us and maybe bring them along for the next walk in the park!


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