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Training Tips

Training with the Lot

This is designed for folks who love getting out onto the trail and have a lot of time available to them. Ideally you will start this regime some 13-14 weeks out from the event.

Weeks Remaining Activity
13 weeks to go
You should aim to walk 3 times a week for an hour
Don’t push it. Don’t get breathless. Remember to rehydrate
12 weeks to go

Increase your three walks a week from one hour each to one and a half hours
Look for red spots on your feet and begin your blister management plan
11 weeks to go

Continue as above, remembering that not only will this help you feel good, but you are doing this for a great cause!
10 weeks to go

Do at least one of your three walks for two and a half hours.
Look into electrolyte supplements and begin trialing them whilst you walk.
9 weeks to go

One walk of at least three hours. Two shorter walks of an hour. Invite family and friends to train with you, they will enjoy it and you will be surprised what you talk about!
8 weeks to go

Two one hour walks. One long walk of at least 4 hours! Make sure you are wearing the shoes you will wear on event day during your training. It is important they are comfortable and you are used to them for the big day!
7 weeks to go
One 5 hour walk and 2 shorter ones (1 hour duration) this week! Do you have good socks? Good socks mean that your feet don’t sweat and you are less likely to get blisters.
6 weeks to go

You have passed the halfway mark and are probably noticing how much fitter you are! Congratulations. One 6 hour walk and 2 shorter walks (1 hour duration) this week.
5 weeks to go

Don’t forget to pack snack foods for those big walks. Chocolate, nuts and fruit are some good snacks. Pack high energy foods! This week try a 7 hour walk – make a day of it, and pack a picnic. Two shorter walks (1 hour duration).
4 weeks to go

Embark on an 8 hour walk and 2 shorter walks (1 hour duration) this week. Weigh yourself before the big walk, and after. The weight loss is an indication of how much fluid you have lost. Drink up!
3 weeks to go

One 5-6 hour walk, 2 shorter walks (1 hour duration) Check the colour of your urine when you go to the toilet. If it is a darker yellow colour, you are possibly dehydrated. Remember it is important to rehydrate - you are losing fluid through your sweat and toilet stops (and even through your breath) - so drink up! In the last 2 weeks of training you should be reducing your training and give your body time to rest up.
2 weeks to go

Long walk 2 to 3 hours long. By now you should have a blister routine. Go to your chemist and ask lots of questions. Cover all red spots and warm spots when you take a break to prevent them becoming blisters. Never walk without a bandaid!
Last week

Reduce walk to only 1 or 2 hours. Pick a high carbohydrate meal for dinner on the night before event day. Good luck and have a great walk on event day!