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Training Tips

Basic Training

This is designed for folks who have limited time for training.

Weeks Remaining Activity
12-9 weeks to go You should aim to use opportunities during your normal everyday activities to start increasing your fitness (e.g. walk to work instead of catching a tram, take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift, take a 20min walk during lunchtimes at work). Don’t push it - take it easy, just be looking for opportunities.
8 weeks to go
Now you are going to introduce 2 walks per week - they should aim to be around 30mins long - take the dogs and walk off your dinner.

Make sure you are wearing the shoes you will wear on event day during your training. It is important they are comfortable and you are used to them for the big day!

7 weeks to go
Same as above but increase your 30mins walks to 45mins and do 4 times per week
6-5 weeks to go
You have passed the halfway mark and are probably noticing how much fitter you are - congratulations!

Keep doing what you are doing - but look for where you can add a 2 hour walk on the either Sat or Sunday. Involve the kids and get them to ride their bikes while you walk - 1 hour out, 1 hour back! Make sure you include some hills into the 2 hour walks.
4-3 weeks to go
OK - it's time to start ramping up - you'll be looking to increase your work rate over the next 3 weeks in preparation for the event. You should already be feeling pretty comfortable doing your activity (lunchtime walks, stairs, 45mins with the dogs, 2hrs on Sat/Sun with the kids).

Now you will increase the weekend walk from 2hrs to 4hrs - and aim to do this walk in the hills.
2 weeks to go
Almost there! You'll do one longer walk - select either the Sat or Sunday and instead of the 4hr walk, you're going to do one walk for 6hrs - it's important that you add some hills into this walk. Keep an eye on your fluids, keep eating and enjoy this new experience!

Note: a great experience is to start your 6 hour walk on the flats of Dandenong Creek Trail, head up into Doongalla and aim for the Skyhigh Restaurant for breakfast - I can highly recommend the experience of watching Melbourne wakeup from the hill vistas - beautiful. (have someone pick you up from Skyhigh).
Last week
Time to start reducing. Drop your weekend walks - and just stick to the shorter 45min daily walks. You'll be asking a lot of your body on event day - so time to rest and recharge your batteries. Well done!