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Training Tips

2 Week Training

This is designed for folks who have about 2 weeks of training time - it is assumed that you have a reasonable level of fitness. Read the story here about 2 mums that did the event with limited fitness.

Weeks Remaining Activity
2 weeks to go
Two weeks away - and you'll be hitting the trail for a 50km walk? Good news is that you can do it! You'll need to be careful not to overdo the training as you don't want to injure yourself - so take it easy, stretch gently before and after, and modify the regime if you need to.

First, you should aim to use every opportunity during your normal everyday activities to increase your fitness (e.g. walk to work instead of catching a tram, take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift, take a 45 mins walk during lunchtimes everyday).

Now you'll need to start doing some serious walking - aim to walk both morning and evening. Walk everyday and start with 30mins in the morning and 60mins in the evening. Watch your food and fluid intake while walking - get good sleep, reduce your alcohol intake, eat well - time to carb load!

Week 1 Morning Evening Where
Mon 30 mins 1 hour Flat
Tues 30 mins 1 hour Flat
Wed 30 mins 2 hours Flat
Thu 30 mins 2 hours Flat & Hills
Fri 30 mins 2 hours Flat & Hills
Sat 1 hour 3 hours Flat & Hills
Sun 2 hours 6 hours Flat & Hills
Week 2 Morning Evening Where
Mon 1 hour 2 hours Hills
Tues 1 hour 2 hours Flat & Hills
Wed 1 hour 4 hours Flat & Hills
Thu Rest    
Fri Rest    
Sat Event Day!    

Make sure you are wearing the shoes you will wear on event day during your training. It is important they are comfortable and you are used to them for the big day!

Note: a great experience is to start your 6 hour walk on the flats of Dandenong Creek Trail, head up into Doongalla and aim for the Skyhigh Restaurant for breakfast - I can highly recommend the experience of watching Melbourne wakeup from the hill vistas - beautiful (have someone pick you up from Skyhigh).

You'll be asking a lot of your body on event day - so time to rest and recharge your batteries on the last few days before the event. Well done!