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School's Walk

Trail Updates


Planned Fire Prevention Operations

4 May 2016

The planned fire prevention burn behind One Tree Hill lookout to Clarke's Ave has been cancelled.

Please note there have been works carried out on some bush trails and roadways around section 3 of the trail. Specifically, Basin Olinda Rd and trail works on the Old Coach walking tracks have been underway over the past weeks. The road and trail works will not be in operation during the weekend of the event (heavy machinery will not block the progress of walkers during the event).

Our trail markers will inspect the trail of Friday any further updates will be advised at the start of the event.



Ferndale Boulders

3 January 2016

When walking section 3 of the trail, you are told to look out for some boulders that mark the entry of a descending trail section that heads right from Ferndale Rd.

Some folks are missing the boulders and so here's what they look like when approaching them. The circle marks the 2nd set of boulders and those in the foreground are obvious. The trail runs off to the right (can just be seen) between these 2 sets of boulders. We suspect that some folks are having some great conversations while walking this section and are simply walking past them. The boulders are somewhat obscured by long grass at the time of writing so keep a look out for them. (if you reach Mountain Hwy - you've missed them!)