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 Anne West
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 Jane Hemmings
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 Sarah West
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$100 Evelyn Kuys (for Anne West) 22-Mar-14 Good for you girls. Have fun along the way and enjoy the sense of achievement in both the walk and your efforts for this worthy cause. [12258]
$50 Joanne Richardson (for Jane Hemmings) 21-Mar-14 Go Chick xx [12250]
$50 Anonymous (for Jane Hemmings) 21-Mar-14 Good Luck :) [12251]
$50 Nilmini Jayasuriya (for Jane Hemmings) 3-Apr-14 All the very best to you and the team, Jane! [13397]
$50 Jeanette Whitney (for Jane Hemmings) 6-Apr-14 Go girls. Great effort all of you. Uncle Len would be so proud xxxxx [13443]
$50 David Reece (for Jane Hemmings) 31-Mar-14 Enjoy the wak Jane! [12339]
$50 Darren Tait (for Jane Hemmings) 4-Apr-14 Great Effort - Good cause :) [13411]
$50 Natalie Kaspers (for Jane Hemmings) 22-Apr-14 Go Jane!!! Enjoy every moment! xox [13790]
$40 Vishal Choksi (for Jane Hemmings) 24-Apr-14 Go Jane, hope weather is good and you bring it home strong! [14094]
$30 Vylisa Taylor (for Jane Hemmings) 4-Apr-14 Best of luck Jane!!! [13408]
$30 Jenni Merritt (for Anne West) 27-Apr-14 well done girls xxx [14323]
$30 Les Corson (for Jane Hemmings) 6-Apr-14 Well done Jane. Watching all the training and more than happy to help in any way. [13438]
$30 Anonymous (for Jane Hemmings) 18-Apr-14 Go girls! [13716]
$30 Granny June Whitney (for Sarah West) 10-Apr-14 I wish you all well, love from Granny/Mum (poppy would be proud and I am too) xxx [13525]
$25 Nautilus Marine (for Jane Hemmings) 10-Apr-14 Enjoy Jane. A great challenge. Go the Whitney girls. [13529]
$25 Caroline West (for Anne West) 29-Mar-14 Go Anne and Sarah! [12329]
$25 Caroline West (for Sarah West) 29-Mar-14 Go Sarah and Anne! [12328]
$25 Nautilus Marine (for Sarah West) 10-Apr-14 Age and cunning are not always superior - I am backing youth and enthusiasm all the way. Go Sarah [13531]
$25 Nautilus Marine (for Anne West) 10-Apr-14 A great challenge. Go the Whitney girls. [13530]
$25 Harry Sharpe (for Sarah West) 25-Apr-14 Great thing you're doing Sarah! Enjoy the day [14218]
$21 Kai Kasad (for Jane Hemmings) 23-Apr-14 Go you good thing! [13948]
$20 Sandra Sievwright (for Jane Hemmings) 23-Apr-14 Go Jane & co! [13922]
$20 Cheryl Bishop (for Jane Hemmings) 21-Mar-14 Go hard for Your Dad!!! [12249]
$20 Matt Syer (for Jane Hemmings) 26-Apr-14 You are inspirational, great work and dedication [14247]
$20 Jan Eabry (for Jane Hemmings) 25-Apr-14 Well done girls. Hope it goes well x [14201]
$20 Jessica Walden (for Sarah West) 5-Apr-14 Go sez xo [13425]
$20 shelley De Luca (for Jane Hemmings) 18-Apr-14 Proud of you Jane. Go hard! [13712]
$20 Anne Green (for Anne West) 20-Apr-14 Good Luck! [13742]
$20 Anne Green (for Sarah West) 20-Apr-14 Have a great walk! [13743]
$20 Amy Whitney (for Sarah West) 25-Apr-14 good luck girls, enjoy xx [14170]
$20 Marilyn Smith (for Jane Hemmings) 23-Mar-14 Your Dad would be so proud,Go Jane [12268]
$19 Anne west (for Sarah West) 27-Apr-14 for my fav 19 yr old, thank you for being my walking buddy. well done xxx [14324]
$10 Cass McKenzie (for Sarah West) 21-Apr-14 Good luck Sarah!! xx [13750]
$10 Pete Johnston (for Sarah West) 26-Apr-14 [14254]
We (Anne, Jane and Sarah) have taken the challenge to walk 50km in an endurance event called 'Go the Extra Mile'. We will be walking all day, from Jells Park along the beautiful Dandenong Creek Trail to the foot of the Dandenong Ranges at which point we will climb up the 1000 steps and finally finishing at Ferny Creek. This is our way of honoring our late Dad and Poppy 'Len' and helping orphaned children of Uganda break free from their poverty. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. We appreciate your support and encouragement for this event <3

Final Entry - Event Review

Jane Hemmings (Posted 07-May-14 22:00)

At 8:27pm, a cloudy mist covered the old Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve sign; the cold air had managed to numb the body, but not the spirit. Having walked, strolled, hiked and just about crawled for over 13 hours, the end was in sight. The boys were pacing, waiting patiently though, for the final weary walkers. Henry came armed with an insulation blanket, most probably a good idea, but pride is sometimes a foolish emotion.

We had set off with some 250 walkers very early in the morning, gathering in the early light at Jells Park. I am always excited before an event, the culmination of months of training and preparation. The weather wasnít exactly what we had hoped for, but we knew we could walk through rain and mud; our training had prepared us. Anne was still struggling with her blisters, and we knew this was going to be a challenge in itself.

Lovely Shelley, from Running in the Burbs, accompanied us for the first hour or so, at first riding beside us, later chaining the bike up and continuing on foot. Her company was very welcome, and she took some brilliant footage of the start line.

The first part of the course seemed to be over in no time as we passed the mini pitstop for families at Wantirna Reserve. I can just about walk, run or ride this section in the dark, one of my well-used training routes. Spirits were high as Sarah and I noticed the photographer half concealed in the shrubbery at Bayswater Park, me ever the performer waving to the 'crowd'.

Spending more time that planned at the first stop ensured that we were well fed, watered and had managed to queue for 10 minutes for the amenities. I wasn't using my Garmin at this stage, so we just walked in the midst of the crowd, enjoying the atmosphere, and conserving our energy.

Waiting along the bike track was a surprise: Mum, (Granny), and the girls. It was a boost to the morale to see them there, smiling and cheering walkers as they passed. Anne took the opportunity to check her blisters, which were becoming an issue even then.

Sadly, this was the last of the sunshine. As we crossed Liverpool Rd, which signaled the end of the easy section, we waved goodbye to Kaila and the rain began. The conditions quickly deteriorated, but we were determined to reach Doongalla Station and make up some time. Here the boys from Running Group met us. And what legends they were, they walked in the rain with us, distracted us no end, and then jumped in and helped with refreshments at pitstop 2. David and Tom were a blessing, as the other walkers were quick to recognise, as they made hot chocolates and buttered sandwiches.

Anne was attended to by St John's, who added more padding to her blisters. By this stage her 'good' foot now had fresh blisters as well. Probably not ideal as we faced the most grueling and arduous section of the course. The elevation, rugged terrain and the mud made the next section quite the challenge. Using the rope provided at the creek crossing had elements of an obstacle course or mud run.

Pitstop 3 was our longest rest period. Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of the massage table and relaxed under the experienced hands of a physiotherapist. Poor Anne was relegated to the floor, to have her blisters attended to. The enormity of her situation was brought home - a 12cm blister around her heel.

Tough, determined, with an unwavering spirit, I knew Dad would have been so proud of Anne. We left the safety of the pitstop to attack the 1000 steps. Darkness was falling, and the forest gradually took on its eerie qualities. I was happy to be walking with a group of people at this stage. Lucy was continuing on her own, her sister having retired earlier. She had no light, so was thankful to join us. Fortunately, the girls had brought 2 headlamps for us earlier in the day. David joined us too, suffering from an old soccer injury that was hindering his walking.

The last section is somewhat of a blur; we trudged on into the dark, following a team of young walkers who silently forged their way through Sherbrook Forest. I could hear Anne in the background; still so animated and cheerful despite the agony she was enduring with each footstep.

We arrived at the finish line, exhausted, eager for some warmth, and proud that we had achieved our goal. Having walked the extra mile, we acknowledged the obstacles that children living in third world countries face every day. Thank you to all our friends and family who contributed to the cause, and gave us so much support and encouragement along the way.

Lennys Girls



Thanks Jan

Jane Hemmings (Posted 26-Apr-14 08:13)

Lovely to have your support Jan XX


Thank you running buddies (David, Nilmini, Shelley, Natalie, Sandra, Kai, Vishal, Thomas and Matt )

Jane Hemmings (Posted 23-Apr-14 20:03)

The generous support of Running in the Burbs friends: David, Nilmini, Shelley, Natalie, Sandra, Kai, Vishal, Thomas and Matt is very much appreciated. Thank you for your encouragement and friendship xx It was wonderful to see a few of you along the track, and see your encouraging comments on FB


Another thank you

Anne West (Posted 20-Apr-14 21:35)

Thanks Anne Green for supporting us. I know you are very passionate about this cause and might walk with us next time.


Thank you Shelley from Running in the Burbs

Jane Hemmings (Posted 19-Apr-14 22:04)

Great to have the support of my running buddy Shelley, hopefully we can see you somewhere on the track next Saturday

Jane xx


Support appreciated

Jane Hemmings (Posted 19-Apr-14 22:02)

Thank you to Nautilus Marine for your generous support of our venture. It really does help having the support and encouragement of our family and friends, in the knowledge that we are all helping children in Uganda

Lennys Girls


Tuesday training take two

Jane Hemmings (Posted 15-Apr-14 18:31)

Setting off an hour earlier we met at the finish line in Ferny Creek at 8:30am, ready to tackle sections 2-4. We knew this was going to be harder than last Tuesday; the elevation graphs are testament to that.

Leaving a car at Bayswater Park, we hit the track by 9am. This section is relatively easy to walk, the aim is to cover it as quickly as possible, but conserve energy for the hilly sections.

Crossing Liverpool Rd wistfully looking back towards home, we headed for the hills, making our way towards Doongalla Station for a bite to eat. Section 3 tested us today. We ironed out some glitches in our navigation and hiked some parts of the course for the first time. Interestingly, we had to cross a creek and face the two menacing dogs that have become folklore.

The 1000 steps seemed more challenging than ever today. I put this down to the fact that we had 24k on the Garmin already, our legs were hurting, and we knew we still had another 12k to walk. In addition, blisters had to be managed. But, this is a test of endurance, and that we have in abundance.

Up and over the mountain, trudging along lost in my thoughts, I was surprised to see a flash of white against the green backdrop. It was a pair of white deer, quite tame, peering out from behind the protection of the forest. For me this was the highlight of the day's hiking, that surreal moment that catches your breath.

It was almost dark by the time we reached the car at @6:15pm, satisfied that we hadnít taken any shortcuts, and that we had achieved/smashed another training goal.

Bring on Saturday 26 April, Lennys Girls are ready!


Thank you Granny xxx

Jane Hemmings (Posted 13-Apr-14 19:55)

Dear Granny,

Thank you for your love and support. We know that you are concerned about the distance, we appreciate your care and concern. We are training hard and we know we can do this, we draw strength from Poppy xx


Tuesday training

Jane Hemmings (Posted 08-Apr-14 20:08)

Sixteen days out from the event and we had planned to walk Sections 1-3, a total of 38km. Was this a realistic goal, did we have the mileage on the legs to make it? This would test our endurance since we had just accomplished a 23km hike two days earlier. Planning was paramount for success; we met at Ferntree Gully National Park, leaving my car there for the trip home. Sarah managed to squeeze in a few more kilometers for her driving log as we set off for Jells Park.
Lunch (peanut butter sandwiches), a few muesli bars and Nurofen were packed in with the hydration packs. The sun was shining down on us as we embarked on our journey, enjoying the scenery of the lake and surrounds.

Nine kilometers on and we made a quick stop at Bunnings Vermont, next time we need to make sure we use the facilities at Jells Park before we set off. It didnít seem too long before we saw the train engine in the distance, signaling the first pit stop Bayswater Park. We stopped here for a sandwich, sitting on the lush grass for 15 short minutes. A support crew greeted us soon after along the track: Alyssa, Alex and the dogs, a welcome sight. I even caught up with Tim from Running in the Burbs, who was on his lunch break.

As we crossed Liverpool Rd, we dug deep, knowing that the first 25k had been just a warm up. This is where the mental strength and some muscle come into play. The elevation kicks off here as you head into Robin Hood country. Anne was conscious of a blister forming on her heel; later we would be shocked to see the size of this one!

Ahhh the rain, it started sometime around 1pm; at first it was welcome, varying the conditions, and intensifying the smells of the bush. Later we would struggle as the rain and cold seeped through our (lack of) clothing. The walk was quite lonely from hereon in, so we were quite surprised to see a police car slow down and question us, somewhere near Doongalla Station. Apparently a vagabond (not us) had been traipsing around the trails, we did see an unusual looking chap down the mountain. Police had featured earlier in our trip, as I called 000 after a young rascal on a motorbike hooned past us on the bike path.

Our goal was to reach the 1000 steps before 6:30 as the night was drawing closer. The last few ks down the mountain were quite exhilarating and a challenge to find the balance between speed and safety. I ran ahead to the car (fortunately the car park was still open) and met the girls as they came down the last stretch of the steps.

Another long hike planned for next Tuesday (sections 2-4) and then a rest until the big day. I am so proud of the way the girls have approached the training, full of enthusiasm, embracing the challenging conditions of weather, elevation, rugged terrain and even monster blisters, with a smile.

Happy hiking

Lennys Girls


Thank you for your support/ thoughts on Sunday's walk

Anne West (Posted 06-Apr-14 17:56)

We would also like to thank Caro and Jessie for their support of us, much appreciated xx

Sarah and I realised at about the 16 k mark yesterday, that it was probably the longest walk either of us had ever done. With encouragement from our "commando" Jane, we comfortably finished the 24 k's. We are very confident and excited that we will achieve the 50 k's, no worries!!!


Thank you dear Jeanette and Michael

Jane Hemmings (Posted 06-Apr-14 06:51)

Lovely to have your support in this venture. It has been a special time to remember Dad, and feel close to him, as we walk through such beautiful trails and bushland.

XXX Jane, Anne and Sarah (Lennys Girls)


Sunday Training - Section 4

Jane Hemmings (Posted 06-Apr-14 06:37)

Suffice to say we were pumped for today's expedition, walking the unknown past the 1000 steps. Uncharted territory for us, and after perusing the elevation graphs, we knew we were in for a challenging hike.

We met at the base of the 1000 steps at lunchtime; I had spent the morning at Lillydale Lake with Alyssa in our first fun run together. I decided at the last minute to run the 5k instead of 10k, wanting to leave something in reserve for the hike. After a training run of 16k on Saturday, along the Mullum Mullum Trail, I knew I would be pushing it.

There were loads of people traipsing up the steps and the car park was overflowing. We set off, the three of us with hydration packs today. We only made one slip up with the map, which probably cost us about 10 minutes, but added to our training. It was lovely to greet other groups of walkers, easily identified by their poles and hydration packs, most training for Oxfam.

The weather was quite pleasant for the most part, if a little sunny earlier. It was quite reassuring to see the finish line and to know that we can manage Section 4. After a quick bite to eat and photo opportunity we turned around to make our way back to Ferntree Gully Picnic Ground. We made great time, even jogging some of the descents. Anticipating dinner certainly helped.

Very proud of the girls today, the effect of regular and disciplined training was clearly evident.

A dayís rest and then on Tuesday we will walk the first 3 sections, a total of 38km.

Happy hiking

Lennys Girls


Support appreciated

Jane Hemmings (Posted 06-Apr-14 05:51)

Thank you Les Corson for your support and interest in our training and endurance event, greatly appreciated :)
The image reminds me of the elevation graphs for the Roller Coaster Run!


Thank you Dazza

Jane Hemmings (Posted 04-Apr-14 23:17)

A huge shout out to Darren, for your encouragement and support, might even have a beer or two with you after the epic walk xx


Humbled by your support

Jane Hemmings (Posted 04-Apr-14 23:13)

Thank you to my training buddy Vylisa from Tribesports who has gone to a great deal of trouble to support us all the way from Great Britain. I appreciate your encouragement, support and friendship Vylisa x


Thank you Nilmini :)

Jane Hemmings (Posted 04-Apr-14 02:19)

Nilmini, thank you for your support, you are such a sweetie :)


Tuesday night

Anne West (Posted 03-Apr-14 02:03)

With our "Commando" away on school camp, there was no rest for the wicked. Sarah and I walked the first section of the course, a 15 k return trip from Wantirna to Jells Park. It was hot but we felt we were coping better than we had been previously. Just as well as we have a 20 k walk planned for this Sunday, followed by two 35 k walks the next two Tuesdays. The thousand steps are becoming almost bearable! We are feeling excited!


Support greatly appreciated

Jane Hemmings (Posted 02-Apr-14 20:13)

I would like to thank David Reece, from Running in the Burbs, for his generous support of our endeavour. David has been a wonderful support at running group, always enquiring about my latest activities and events and how my Achilles is behaving! I am most appreciative of his continuing interest and friendship :)


Hills, and more hills....

Jane Hemmings (Posted 02-Apr-14 20:05)

Having missed our Tuesday hike, we were all very excited to attack the hills on Sunday afternoon. Anne and Sarah did walk Thursday night, setting out rather late, and were quite ambitious in their endeavours. I don't think Anne will mind me mentioning that a call was made to one of our sponsors, Evelyn, to assist them to find their way back to the car in the darkness!

I carried a hydration pack on Sunday's hike, Anne was loaded with glucose supplies, and Sarah was testing out her new trail runners. We started just near Tobruk Ave in the Basin. We hiked for 9 long kilometres before reaching the base of the 1000 steps, determined to keep at a steady pace. Conditions were challenging: hot and humid for hiking. Feeling a sense of achievement at the summit, we ploughed on for another few kilometres, arriving safely at the car in Inverness Rd to make our way down the mountain towards home.

We are excited to tackle the last part of the course on Sunday afternoon, revisiting the steps to make our way to the finish line. And what a moment that will be at the end of April, when three very tired and weary walkers reach their destination!

Happy hiking

Jane, Anne and Sarah
Lennys Girls


Big thank you to our sponsors

Jane Hemmings (Posted 23-Mar-14 19:51)

Lennys Girls would like to thank Cheryl, Joanne, Evelyn, Marilyn and the lovely anonymous contributor who have helped to kickstart our campaign.

We are very excited to make this journey to help vulnerable children in Uganda. It is also a way of honouring our inspirational Poppy. We sure will be walking strong and proud for Len

Many thanks

Jane, Anne and Sarah


Tuesday training

Jane Hemmings (Posted 21-Mar-14 02:02)

Training has begun in earnest. Anne, Sarah and I are able to meet every Tuesday after school (well no school for Sarah, and no work on Tuesdays for Anne makes it easier). We have been training since early February.

Initially we tackled the challenging 1000 steps traipsing up the old steps, then the newer path adjacent to it. Sense of direction is a problem; Anne and I were almost forced to sleep up in the Dandenongs after wandering around the forest trails on dusk.

We have become familiar with the first 25k, which will be relatively easy!! Jells Park to Liverpool Rd Kilsyth is flat compared to the hills we will encounter in the latter half of the event.

Doongalla Forest, what can I say! We have ventured into Robin Hood country the last few weeks, half expecting a stray bow and arrow. Now here is the torturous part of the course, which is really going to test us.

Future plans: In the school holidays we are going to attempt two long walks around 35k each.

Happy hiking

Lennys Girls