Ferny 7.30
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 David Chung
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 Elizabeth Eastwood
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 James Yatomi-Clarke
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 Michelle Quan
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$215 Hien Phe (for Michelle Quan) 2-May-19 Donations from USA $50 on behalf of Soi Mei $100 on behalf of Len Phe All the best! [42066]
$200 Robert McConnochie (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 11-Mar-19 Jim, so great to support your wonderful cause considering all you do for us! Best wishes for success, Meryl and Rob [41568]
$200 Syd Bone (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 15-Mar-19 Not again! [41573]
$200 Robert McConnochie (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 10-Apr-19 Rob and Meryl are pleased to support you in your worthwhile cause Jim, in appreciation for the care you give us. [41622]
$100 Greig M (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 6-Jun-19 Well done Liz [42554]
$100 Lyle Williams (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 7-May-19 [42449]
$100 Anonymous (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 30-Jan-19 What again??? [41512]
$100 Judy and Greg Molesworth (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 25-Feb-19 You are a legend Jim! [41553]
$100 Kylie Barton (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 6-Mar-19 Thanks Jim from Kylie and Jarryn [41563]
$100 daryl mckinley (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 7-Mar-19 go jim [41564]
$100 Geoff Champion (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 29-Mar-19 You don't have to be nuts, but it helps. [41584]
$100 Fong Quan (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 31-Mar-19 [41587]
$100 Mark & Karen Travill (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 6-Mar-19 Run Jim Run!!! [41562]
$100 Tony Martin (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 13-Feb-19 Donation to the good people in need of little help [41530]
$100 Erin Ha (for Michelle Quan) 2-May-19 Good luck Michelle❤ [42125]
$100 Ian McFarlane (for Michelle Quan) 4-Apr-19 Great cause. Enjoy! [41605]
$80 Amanda Chung (for David Chung) 2-May-19 Donation on behalf of: Hoa Luu, My Ngo, Lang Chung & Phong Quach [42127]
$50 Campbell Coral (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 1-May-19 Go Ferny 7.30 Team [42046]
$50 Kylie Barton (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 1-May-19 [42028]
$50 Phillip Urquhart (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 9-May-19 Well done James [42482]
$50 Jane Cunningham (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 9-May-19 [42480]
$50 Kylie Barton (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 14-Mar-19 [41572]
$50 Bruce Pippett (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 27-May-19 Well done Liz, you are a champ!! That Oxfam spirit lives on. Bruce [42537]
$50 Christopher Bowe (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 28-May-19 [42539]
$50 Coral Campbell (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 30-Apr-19 [41964]
$50 Robert McConnochie (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 26-May-19 Well done Liz - best wishes from Meryl and Rob [42535]
$40 Khanh Ngo (for Michelle Quan) 15-Feb-19 A very noble cause that you are helping Michelle! Well done and good luck as well as getting healthier ♥️ [41534]
$30 Mai-Huong Nguyen (for Michelle Quan) 18-Feb-19 [41538]
$30 Khanh Huynh (for Michelle Quan) 21-Feb-19 [41548]
$25 David Foskey (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 6-Mar-19 [41560]
$25 Phillip Urquhart (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 26-May-19 Well done Liz [42536]
$20 Else Black (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 29-Mar-19 Good luck you need it! [41585]
$20 Brian Parr (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 21-Feb-19 [41546]
$20 Luke Ericcsen (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 6-Mar-19 Good luck Jim [41561]
$20 Roger Weinstein (for James Yatomi-Clarke) 3-Mar-19 Good luck Jim! [41559]
$20 Lillie Giang (for Michelle Quan) 19-Feb-19 [41540]
$20 Railway Avenue Bread and Cakes La (for Michelle Quan) 25-Feb-19 [41550]
$20 Vesna Marovic (for Michelle Quan) 25-Feb-19 [41551]
$20 Anne Lord (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 29-May-19 Hi Liz, Well done Anne xo [42542]
$20 Cecile Jowitt (for Michelle Quan) 19-Apr-19 Goodluck Michelle!!! [41702]
$18 Amanda Chung (for David Chung) 2-May-19 Nice to see you supporting this amazing charity. Good luck with the 50kms! [42133]
$15 Graham Jenkins (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 24-Apr-19 Good luck with it Liz! :) [41763]
$10 Jessica Boavida (for Michelle Quan) 13-Feb-19 Good luck Michelle! [41532]
$10 Matthew Law (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 25-May-19 [42534]
$10 Elizabeth Clenne (for Elizabeth Eastwood) 28-May-19 [42540]
$10 Fong Quan (for Michelle Quan) 25-Feb-19 [41552]
$10 Julie Ta (for Michelle Quan) 13-Feb-19 jia yo [41531]
$10 Jennifer Chan (for Michelle Quan) 18-Feb-19 [41537]
$10 Yen Nguyen (for Michelle Quan) 4-Apr-19 You are the STAR, good work & healthy. Lots of great things in your heart Keeps it up! [41606]
$10 Paul Durrant (for Michelle Quan) 3-Apr-19 Excellent work Michelle👍💯👍 [41599]
$5 Eric Chung (for David Chung) 4-May-19 Best of luck with the run! [42338]
$5 Amanda Chung (for David Chung) 2-May-19 Good Luck with the 50K's. From Sylvia [42130]
$5 Amanda Chung (for David Chung) 2-May-19 What a good cause! From Stephen. [42134]
$2 Amanda Chung (for David Chung) 2-May-19 From Jasmine's piggy bank [42128]
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