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Support Crews

Support crews are a vital part of the walk and a good support crew can make a big difference on the walk.

A support crew essentially looks after the needs of their walkers, allowing them to enjoy their experience on the trail without the burden of having to carry all their supplies (food, water and change of clothing/shoes).

It's a great excuse to get out and about!

A support crew is also a great excuse for family and friends to get away for an active day in and around the Dandenong Ranges.

Being part of a support crew is a lot of fun, but you do need to be aware that there is some time spent driving from Pit Stop to Pit Stop and waiting on walkers to arrive.

Each team needs a minimum of one support crew which can be made up of as many people as you want - the more the merrier.

Support Crews will be required to:
  • Drive your team to the start and drive them home at the end of the walk.
  • Be prepared to pick your team members up from the course if they can not finish the walk due to injury or illness (or any other reason). There are certain points around the Lysterfield Lake Park that allow you to meet up with your walkers - please consult the mapbook for surrounding access points.
  • We encourage all teams to be self-sufficient with their food and drink, but it is unrealistic to carry all that you will need for the 50kms on you from the start! So your support crew should meet you when you return to the Check-In area after completing a loop.
  • Keep a first aid kit with you and assist with minor ailments such as scratches, blisters, etc.
  • Keep an eye on your team to make sure they are Ok.
  • Encourage and motivate your team if they are tiring.
  • Mapbooks can downloaded from the website.
  • Personal mobile phones can be used to communicate with your support crew. Test the reliability along the trail before the event.
  • Support crews must take their and their teams rubbish with them. No support items should be left at the Check-In point area.

Where to meet

You can meet your walkers anywhere on the trail outside the Check-In point area - but please, use your discretion. Plan to meet the walkers in safe areas for you, your walkers and the general public.

Things to bring along

Support crews should consider bringing along the following items of gear:
  • fold out chairs
  • picnic blankets
  • food & water
  • hot beverages (coffee, tea, milo)
  • ice (if hot)
  • umbrellas (shade from heat, shelter from wet)
  • blankets (for warming up on cold days)
  • sun block
  • towels
  • chocolate (in great quantities)
Your team will love you!