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What better way to teach kids about social problems in our nation (brokenness, injustice and poverty) and its effects upon other kids than to involve them in an event like Go the Extra Mile. You'll also be teaching your students that there is no barrier to helping someone else - that even a tender aged prepies can help bring hope to other kids.

And even better, you'll be doing this as an entire school. Welcome to the School's Walk.

Go the Extra Mile “School’s Walk”

The “School’s Walk” is a new 50km challenge designed to get children in all schools out and about - walking to raise funds for the charity. Every school child is encouraged to get sponsored and walk a total of 50kms in a month - during school lunchtime, on the weekends with mum and dad, after school with friends - every km will go toward your total until 50kms is reached. What a great way to get fit and active, enjoy the outdoors and at the same time help other Aussie kids.

Progress Chart & Sponsorship Form

All the kids have to do is walk the 50km during the designated month and get their family and friends to sponsor them for each km (a sponsorship form can be downloaded from the link below). The Progress Chart is a form that breaks the 50kms down into manageable 200m chunks. Each time the student walks 200m (as part of an in-school activity, or a family outing on the weekend) they simply colour in a 200m box on their progress chart. Once all the boxes are coloured in they have completed their 50kms (this chart is downloadable below).

It's that easy.

100% Goes to the Charity – 100% Tax Deductible

Every dollar raised by Go the Extra Mile “Schools Walk” is given to the charity and none is used to pay wages or advertising or printing – all amounts over $2 are tax deductible.

C’mon kids - it's time to Go the Extra Mile!

Download Sponsorship Form
Download Student Progress Chart

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Young Aussies are more inactive than ever!

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