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School's Walk

How the Event Works

The event works as follows:
  • walkers register their intent to take part and form teams of 2 or more people (there is no limit on the number of people in a team - but all walkers on the day must walk with at least 1 other person as a safety requirement)
  • all walkers pay a registration fee which pays for things like insurances, first aid, venues, food, printing, permits, etc. (view details on the different registration fees)
  • each walker agrees to the condition of entry that they raise a minimum of $200 for charity (which is all tax deductible, 100% of which goes to charity)
  • walkers can download a mapbook from the website (or alternatively request a printed version)
  • on event day walkers congregate at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill (they must make their own way to the Start - normally dropped off by friends/family)
  • all walkers depart together en masse at 7am
  • some run, some walk, some crawl - all are heading to Ferny Creek Reserve which is 50kms away
  • the trail is marked with arrows and signs by volunteers indicating the direction to head
  • 'Pit Stops' are positioned along the trail for food & fluid supplies and rest (walkers can also meet their friends/family who are helping them on the day - and hopefully get a massage!)
  • walkers must cross the finish line at Ferny Creek before midnight (so there's lots of time to finish) and meet their friends/family - who will ferry them home
  • hopefully lots of donations are received online to reward walkers efforts

Some folks take an event like this very seriously - others will rock up in bear suits. Whatever your approach we will happily accommodate you!

There's a bunch of rules (and the normal Terms and Conditions of entry) - but the overarching request from the Go the Extra Mile team is that you enjoy yourself while participating in the event!

If you think we can make the event better, then let us know here.