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Questions About The Event

Q. Is everyone required to register to participate in the walk?
Yes, all participants must register. You can register online or by contacting us at the office.

Q. Am I required to have ambulance cover?
We recommend that you have ambulance cover in the event that you may become ill or are injured during the walk and have to be transported to a hospital, you will be responsible for 100% of transportation and service costs. Our medical team can only provide basic first aid services. Get more info about Ambulance Victoria.

Q. Can you help me with fundraising?
Yes, we can! While there is a minimum of raising $200 per person we encourage you to raise as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us by email with any questions you might have about fundraising. Additionally please refer to the fundraising section which has great tips and ideas on fundraising.

Q. What does the money we raise benefit?
All the money raised through the walk goes to the charity for use in their projects at their discretion. Read more on how the money is used.

Q. Am I assigned a Walker ID?
Eventually, yes. But for the moment you are known to the system by your username (or email address). It's the way we track everything about your participation in the event - up to event day, when you will be given a unique number - this will be printed on your bib and attached to your clothing while you walk the course. Every participant will be able to view their personal fundraising status along with their team's fundraising progress online. The fundraising pages lets you see all donations from friends and family, and it also keeps them updated on your efforts and targets.

Q. I am a local business and would like to help the “Go the Extra Mile” walk be successful. Do you have sponsorship opportunities?
Absolutely, we highly encourage local business to become involved. Please email us at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q. Will there be parking available?
Yes, there will be parking available at 329 Halam North Road, Lysterfield - we will opening up the upper carpark - please see the maps of the event to determine the location of the entry point for the car park. The actual Start/Finish staging site (the same location for the Checking-In) is around 200m west from the main gravel main car park. Support crews can move gear from the main car park to the staging area in readiness for their walkers.

Q. What should I wear?
Our walk will go on in rain, hail or shine. Please check with local weather to determine what you should wear, go to You should be aware that the temperature and conditions in higher altitudes can be dramatically different from lower areas - you should be prepared for cold and wet conditions.

Q. Do we need to sign anything when we arrive?
Yes, every walker will be required to sign a liability waiver upon checking in (if you have not already done so before event day). Please bring identification with you.

Q. Will there be food and beverages provided?
We will provide fruit, snacks and water at each Pit Stop. You will need to provide your own general food supplies for the duration of your walk. There will be a free BBQ provided for all walkers on arrival at the Finish (crew members and the general public are welcome to purchase snags and drinks).

Q. Do we have to have a Team Name?
Yes, all teams are required to have a team name. Please ensure that your team name is appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of the event - inappropriate, lewd or crude team names will not be accepted. Team names can be changed at any time by contacting us at


Q. Do you need volunteers?
Yes! Our volunteers are the backbone to our event. Typically we need over 50 volunteers. Volunteers are essential to making the event run smoothly. Volunteers are not required to pay registration fees or raise funds but we will certainly support and encourage any efforts made towards fundraising. Every volunteer receives his/her official volunteer t-shirt on or before event day.

Q. What do volunteers do?
As the event’s "support system", volunteers perform numerous jobs at the event that are essential to its success. They do everything from logistics (tent/tables/chairs), Check-In point setups and clean ups, route markers, providing snacks, picking up rubbish, checking in and checking out walkers. Closer to the walk date, our volunteer coordinator will contact you to let you know what position we would like to put you in. We try to accommodate everyone’s requests but we would appreciate your flexibility so that we can cover every role needed.

For more information about volunteering click here.


We encourage participants to be creative with their fundraising.

Q. Do we need to meet the minimum fundraising amount?
Our event is a fundraising event not a race. When you choose to participate in the event, your involvement includes agreeing to raise the minimum fundraising amount for the charity. If you ignore this aspect of the event and do nothing for the charity, then our event is not for you. As such, you will jeopardise your future participation in Go the Extra Mile events. We have yet to penalise any walker that was genuinely trying to raise funds and was unable to reach their target (so just let us know if you are having troubles).

Q. As a Walker, how much money do I have to raise in order to participate in Go the Extra Mile?
There is a required minimum fundraising amount of $200 per adult walker (and $50 for teens) to participate in our walk (click here for info on fees). We encourage all to set their own personal goal. Please remember that all donations over $2 are tax deductible and your targets can be higher than the minimum we set (you're not obliged to reach your higher targets).

Q. Is my registration fee considered a donation?
No, and it is not tax deductible. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q. If I can’t walk, can my donors get their money back?
All donations are non-refundable. The money you’ve raised will go to the continued work of the charity.

Q. What happens to my donor's money if I don't complete the full 50kms?
All donations made through the website before or after the walk are non-refundable regardless of whether you complete the 50kms or not. Most donors are happy enough to donate to the cause without requiring that you complete the walk - rather they are happy to support your effort. If, however, a donor wants to 'incentivate' you with a per km donation, you will need to collect their money after the event has been held when you know how many kms you have walked (rather than you collecting their money, your donor could simply make an online donation to you for the calculated amount).

Q. Can my donors get tax receipts?
All receipts will be forwarded by mail or email, as long as we have a street address or email address.

Q. Will my donors be contacted by the charity?
Donor names and contact information will never be sold or shared beyond Go the Extra Mile and the charity. Donors will only be contacted if they agree to receive emails.

Q. Do you accept donations by cheque?
Yes. Cheques should be made payable to HopeBuilders International and should include your participant name and email address on the back - along with a note that your donation is for "Go the Extra Mile". You should mail your cheque donations to the offices of the charity (get their address here). Please allow three weeks for processing after mailing.

Q. How can I give my donors receipts for the money I'm collecting?
If your donors require a receipt, they should donate using the secure, online donation screen. Alternatively, collect your donor's money and record their names and addresses (download a sponsorship form here)- when you deposit the money with us, send us an email on or post the sponsorship form to us listing all their details (name, address, amount) and we will arrange for receipts to be sent to each of your donors.

Q. Why can't I donate to a team rather than a walker?
We originally allowed team donations - but this meant that a team member who did no personal fundraising could end up taking advantage of the team donations to meet their condition of entry into the event - namely that each walker must raise $200 for the charity. We felt this was unfair on the hard working team members so we changed the donations system to be walker based.