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About Us

Go the Extra Mile is organised and operated by a workforce committed to:
  • living and sharing the Christian faith and walking out its message
  • responding to the needs of the broken, destitute and poor around the world
  • using our lives to try and change the destiny of millions for the better through our prayers, efforts, skills and resources
We, as a group of Christian believers, are motivated by a belief that God loves all people, and that through faith in Christ the opportunity of a new life is offered. We believe that God has particular concern for those who suffer brokeness, poverty and injustice, and that this concern is enshrined and evident in the teachings of Christ.

We share a view that all social ills and pathologies (e.g. brokeness, poverty and injustice) are inherently spiritual issues that requires a spiritual remedy - and that remedy is found solely in the good news of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus therefore, compels us, who have the means, to reach out to a people who are in need. When they in turn are restored, so they too must reach out to their neighbours because of the love of Christ. To this end, the message of Christ would itself solve issues around the world as it does its work in changing the hearts and minds of people.

Proverbs 10:15 states, "The ruin of the poor is their poverty." Simply put, poverty breeds more poverty. Unless the poverty cycle is broken, people who are bred into, and grow up within impoverished circumstances usually lack the means (health and nutrition, education and resources) that would enable them to break free of their circumstances. And the same argument can be made for many of the social ills that plague our societies.